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Sumner Garage Door Springs

If you're a fan of garage doors, and you understand exactly how they work, you already know how important the tension spring is to your system. The springs actually do all the heavy lifting and fancy footwork. Your opener and motor really just govern how far up and down the door should go. Sumner Garage Door Springs understands the importance of springs to the proper functioning of your garage door.

So the secret is out, the spring is the thing. Tension springs are the heart and soul of your automatic garage door system. They do over 90% of the work, by storing tremendous amounts of energy. Sumner Garage Door Springs does the other 10% of the work, by keeping your garage door and springs in tip-top shape.

We are Sumner Garage Door Springs, and we keep Sumner on the move, both vertically and horizontally!

Sumner Garage Door Springs Keeps You And Your Garage Door On The Move

Sumner Same Day Garage Door Spring RepairWe keep you on the move vertically by making sure your garage door goes up and down when you want it to; we keep you on the move horizontally by allowing your car to move in or out of your garage freely. Both of these things would be impossible if you didn’t have working garage door springs.

After more than two decades in the garage door business, Sumner Garage Door Springs has come to realize that garage doors are basically good: they work tirelessly for years and years, they protect your home and family, and they provide superb acoustics for garage bands. But when garage doors are naughty, they are VERY naughty. They will pop a spring in the middle of the night, for no apparent reason, trapping your car inside and holding it hostage.

That’s when Sumner Garage Door Springs springs into action, giving our busy customers what they need, instant gratification. What more could you ask for? Sumner Garage Door Springs offers instant repairs with lasting warranties.

That Little Spring Costs HOW Much?

Once in a while, we encounter homeowners who are shopping around for spring replacement. Note that all garage door repair companies charge about the same for basic garage door spring replacement, but Sumner Garage Door Springs are the true specialists.

You wouldn’t bring your car to a bicycle mechanic, would you? So why trust your garage door spring repairs to a Jack-of-all-trades who may excel in garage door opener installation, but who is a little shy when it comes to garage door springs.After all, garage door spring repair and replacement is a manly man’s domain. It takes guts and it takes precise planning, not to mention the strength of 40 bicycle mechanics.

We Specialize In All Things Spring

The garage door tension and torsion springs store incredible amounts of energy. That’s energy that can be violently unleashed on people who attempt to remove, repair or replace high-tension springs. Sumner Garage Door Springs believes in every American’s constitutional right to fix stuff, but you’ve got plenty of things on your To-Do list to fix – why start with a death-defying chore? Instead call Sumner Garage Door Springs, the experts on garage door springs ‘n things.

Sumner Garage Door Springs

Sumner Garage Door Springs Satisfaction Guarantee

We've been doing this for a long time, and we're confident that we do a better job than the other guys. That's why Sumner Garage Door Springs offers a satisfaction guarantee on all of our services, including garage door springs.

Sumner Garage Door Springs

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