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Sumner Garage Door OpenerYour garage door opener is awesome. For a few hundred bucks, it raises and lowers your garage door thousands of times over the course of decades, in conditions of rain, sleet or snow. Your garage door opener never complains or asks for a raise; it will never leave you for another homeowner.

Sumner Garage Door Openers is here 24 hours a day to make sure your garage door opener works perfectly. Did you realize that your garage door opener doesn’t actually lift the door? It’s the springs that do the heavy lifting, and the force of gravity that lowers the garage door. The opener is like the foreman who tells everyone else what to do.

The Garage Door Opener Is The Smartest Appliance In The House

Because of its advanced electronics and artificial intelligence, your garage door opener is the smartest appliance you own. It co-ordinates the garage door operations as well as the safety features, and it serves you obediently for decades with very little maintenance. What more could you ask for ? That is why Sumner Garage Door Openers is here to help with any opener issue at any time.

Garage door openers are still one of the greatest bargains a homeowner will ever find. And Sumner Garage Door Openers is another great bargain. We have the same low rates, starting at $29, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We’re always open, but we don’t charge extra for same-day service, after-hours service or emergency service. We have the same low prices at 3 o’clock in the morning as we do at 3 o’clock in the afternoon for all opener repairs and services.

We Service All Major Brands Of Garage Door Openers

We carry and install all the major brands of garage door openers, like Genie and Liftmaster, but our seasoned technicians can service ANY brand of opener ever made. In fact, sometimes our technicians can do conversions on older garage door systems so replacements parts are readily available, in cases where the original parts are no longer manufactured.

Sumner Same Day Garage Door Opener RepairSumner Garage Door Openers is also the leader in remote control programming, and we have been since 1997 when the rolling codes first came out. We can bring you a hand-held remote control and program it for you, or we can re-program the units you already have. Either way, you’ll end up with a professionally programmed remote and an expert technician to answer all your questions. Sumner Garage Door Openers will even show you the best way to replace the batteries in your remote before we leave, just ask us.

In conclusion, we reiterate what we’ve always believed, that your garage door opener is awesome, and that Sumner Garage Door Openers can keep your awesome garage door opener running smoothly until the end of time, or until your kid slams the garage door with a dirt bike – whichever comes first.

Whatever the problem with your garage door opener, even if you’re not even sure what it is, Sumner Garage Door Openers can repair or replace your opener with hours. But you have to call us right away, so we can save the day for you.

Sumner Garage Door Openers

Sumner Garage Door Openers Satisfaction Guarantee

We've been doing this for a long time, and we're confident that we do a better job than the other guys. That's why Sumner Garage Door Openers offers a satisfaction guarantee on all of our services, including garage door opener repairs.

Sumner Garage Door Openers

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